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Late in 2000 I created Stoutheart Entertainment, a production company which handles film and music production services for commercial and independent clients. After writing, directing, producing, composing, and editing "Nomad, Roe" and "Bulldog", I realized that forming a production company not only made sense to consolidate my filmmaking skills, but I could offer my services to others as well.

I started Made To Order Music in 2012 to specifically consolidate music services for production companies looking for a more tailored feel as opposed to using music libraries for their content. Myself and a handful of other composer write specific cues for film, TV, and commercial productions for a fraction of the cost of hiring a dedicated composer, and unlike music libraries, MTOM offers custom one-of-a-kind compositions.

Vented Irish Records began in 2008 to produce, record, and distribute primarily indie projects. We currently have on the roster; "The Diviners" and "Celtic Pink Floyd."

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